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Heart of Abigail is a historical fiction Lyric Novella. It is based on the gold miners and history of the communities in Juneau Alaska. The research and the characters make this successful. Using the characters, the author creates, along with the facts of the time, the book early on becomes a wonderful page turning book that left me wanting to know what was going to happen next.

The research by the Author is extremely accurate with pictures and great description. The Characters created by the author are certain and each one has an entirely different creative persona. The character of Abigail is created as the center of the book, but she will not fill up every scene and page. As the book shows, she is a moveable character and it makes for a true page turning effect that will keep the reader involved.

For readers who like Historical fiction you will love this, for those who like fiction with some history in it you will also love it. It is a book that is written for several types of readers and I myself thoroughly enjoyed this well written Novella.

I score from one to 5 stars. I give this a 4.5.

Thank you to the Author

Debra Morgan


No money was given and no grade asked for.